Coles Little Shop Is Back! Here’s What You Need To Know

Coles Little Shop is back with the next generation of Little Shop miniature groceries to collect. And we couldn’t be more excited!
Coles have brought out 30 new Little Shop miniatures to collect, along with some pretty cool additional accessories.
I was lucky enough to find a store that still had most of the Little Shop accessories, so I figured I’d buy them and see what they were all about. Unfortunately, I missed out on buying any accessories last year and since my daughter is now old enough to play and interact with the toys properly, I figured it would be the perfect time to try them out and put them to the test.

Coles Mini Shop

The Coles Little Shop accessories I was able to get my hands on:

  • The Coles Little Shop Basket
  • The Coles Little Shop Shopping Trolley
  • The Coles Little Shop Cash Register
  • The Coles Little Shop Enviro Bag and Apron Set
  • The Coles Little Shop Cardboard Shopfront

Unfortunately, the Coles Little Shop Truck wasn’t available so I didn’t get a chance to purchase that. feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you thought about this accessory.
I haven’t added the Coles Little Shop Collector’s Case to the list as this is probably not going to be a toy for some kids. This might be more for collecting rather than active play.

Let’s look at each of these in detail and go through the pros and cons. We have also added a ‘fun score’. This score has been determined by how much time my daughter has spent playing with each accessory and how much enjoyment and interaction she has with each accessory. She is two years old, so you can use this to get an idea of what might be appropriate for your child.

The Coles Little Shop Basket – $2

At first, I couldn’t understand why the basket was so big compared to how small the minis are. But after watching my daughter stack twenty little grocery items in at a time, I realised exactly why it was made a little bigger.
This is the perfect size for a toddler to carry around, and its nice and light. So far it’s passed a week-long playtest and there are no signs of damage what so ever.
Pros: No construction needed, comes as one piece. Great size to use with the minis.
Cons: None!
Fun Score: 7/10

The Coles Little Shop Shopping Trolley -$10

This was an absolute nightmare to build. I couldn’t understand why something so small would be so frustratingly difficult to build. I can promise you I have built Ikea flatpack drawers in less time than it took to build this.
Once built, the trolley is surprisingly sturdy. the wheels are great, they spin fine and don’t catch. My daughter uses it more like a pram than a place for her groceries- and there’s a good reason for this: It’s way too big for the minis!
There is absolutely no way this trolley was designed for the minis. Firstly, it’s huge compared to the minis, secondly, you can’t even put the minis in there because they fall through the squares in the bottoms and sides.
Youll have to hack the shopping trolley if you want to make this work with the mini grocery items.
Our Hack: Put a piece of thin rubber, cardboard or even felt/material on the underside of the trolley and secure with hot glue. This will prevent the mini collectables from falling out.
Pros: Great fun for the kids to push around. Good size to put random items in
Cons: Difficult to assemble. The sizing is all wrong for it to be realistically compatible with the Little Shop miniatures.
Fun Score: 6/10

The Coles Little Shop Cash Register – $12

This is a great sized cash register, that comes complete with paper money and plastic coins. There’s even a little scanner for scanning items, and a “Payment accepted” sign that pops up and down. The till opens and closes and with batteries, the cash register will even make noises.
My daughter didn’t play with this for long as she not yet understand what money is, and didn’t find the toy interactive enough to keep her interest. This would be aimed at an older child 3+.
Pros: Makes noises, can be used for multiple other role play games.
Cons: Doesn’t fit on the Coles Little Shop Shopfront.
Fun Score: 4/10

The Coles Little Shop Enviro Bag and Apron Set -$8

This set is quite cute. The apron attaches with velcro at the neck and ties at the back. Its 3/4 length on my two-year-old, and a very snug fit on me (ha, let’s be honest, it’s the parents who will be stuck wearing this!). Dress ups are always going to be a hit with the kids, and I can see this being very popular with kids 3+ years.
My daughter didn’t take to the enviro bags and couldn’t be bothered to use them at all. They may not be as appealing to the little ones as the basket and trolley.
Pros: The apron will fit a big range of children, from small to big, as it can be tied tighter to fit smaller kids. The enviro bags are of a good size.
Cons: None that we found.
Fun Score: 6/10

Coles Little Shop Shopfront

The Coles Little Shop Cardboard Shopfront – $10

This is the absolute winner. This is made purely from cardboard, which gets extra points from me for being eco-friendly. It’s easy to set up, and most sections just pop out and fold in to connect. It’s somewhat sturdy, although it will tip over if you pull/push on it.
There’s a mini cash register built-in (the plastic one you can buy separately is not necessary with this, and does not fit anyway).
The best part of this is that its super easy to pack away. It folds up into a thin long piece of cardboard. Very easy to store in a cupboard or under the bed when not in use.
Pros: Easy to assemble. Easy to pack away. Bright and colourful. Eco-friendly as it’s made from cardboard. Has a built-in cash register,
Cons: Doesn’t come with any paper money. Can tip over easily.
Fun Score: 10/10

That pretty much wraps up our comprehensive review of the Coles Little Shop 2 collection. Let us know what you think, and what your favourite little accessories are!

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