Ikea SKADIS Pegboard Review + Style Ideas

The Ikea SKADIS pegboard is the craft storage solution your craft room (and your sanity) has always needed.
We love pegboards here at Glue & Sugar, and we also love storage. It’s no secret that these two things go hand in hand, and with all of the accessories on offer and the ability to connect multiple pegboards, it’s no wonder we’re obsessed.
We have tested the Ikea SKADIS pegboard system extensively and we’re back with our take on this creative storage solution.
We tested the SKADIS Pegboard in a craft room where it was used almost daily for months on end. It held a variety of different craft supplies (mainly sewing supplies) and we re-arranged the different accessories often to get a real feel for the versatility of the pegboard.

SKADIS Desk Storage

Ikea SKADIS Variations

The SKADIS pegboard comes in 3 different colours- brown, black and white, and comes in 3 different sizes:


How much does the Ikea SKADIS Pegboard cost?

The SKADIS pegboard varies in price depending on the size. The smallest size comes in at $15, the medium size is $20 and the largest size is priced at $25.
The accessories range in price from $2 for the tool holder to $15 for a 3-pack of hanging containers.
You can also purchase pre-packed SKADIS pegboard combinations which include a pegboard and a couple of pre-selected accessories.

Our Favourite SKADIS Accessories:

  • SKADIS Hooks: These hooks come in a set of 3, and are super useful for hanging scissors, rotary cutters or paint brushes. Also great for hanging paint rags.
  • SKADIS Tool Holder: These are fantastic for holding scissors and tools that have a skinny bottom and a wider top. You can use these in the craft room and the garage.
  • SKADIS Set of 3 containers: We found these to be brilliant storage for almost any craft materials.
    Our uses: We used these containers for storing buttons, bobbins, threads, and more recently they have become the home for my new wonder clips.
  • SKADIS Clips: These hooks are brilliant for hanging photos, samples, swatches and even paper instructions for whichever craft project you’re currently undertaking.
    Our uses: We used these hooks for drawings. We even found them useful for holding our tape measure!
SKADIS hooks
SKADIS tool holder
SKADIS Containers
SKADIS clips

What we loved about the Ikea SKADIS Pegboard:

  1. Huge range of accessories available for the pegboard, including hooks, clips, baskets and rails.
  2. The availability of 3 pegboard colours (white, brown and black), meaning you should be able to find one to suit your home decor.
  3. Multiple options for securing your pegboard. You have the option of attaching it to the wall or fastening it to the edge of a desk. This is great for people who are renting and are unable to screw into the walls.
  4. It’s very easy to combine multiple pegboards to create one large pegboard area. These pegboards have been designed with this in mind, so it’s very easy to seamlessly cover a section of the wall with pegboards.
  5. It’s readily available for almost anyone to purchase as there are over 420 IKEA stores worldwide. And for those who don’t live near a store, they are available for purchase online.

What we didn’t love:

  1. The price can be a little steep if you buy multiple boards plus a handful of accessories. This is kind of a negative and a positive because even though it is a little pricy, it’s still considerably cheaper than many pegboard systems available. However, because we expect low prices from Ikea, the price ends up being quite high after you’ve combined a few accessories with the pegboard.
  2. We found that some of the accessories would pop out of the pegboard if we weren’t careful enough with them. This caused a few of our craft supplies to spill over the desk on more than one occasion. I suppose the ease in which the accessories go into the pegboard, also means they are prone to coming out easily.

SKADIS Pegboard Inspiration:

Just in case you weren’t totally sold on the Ikea SKADIS pegboard for a craft storage solution, we have curated the below list of our favourite pegboard uses:

Paint Storage Solution:

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Paper Craft Organisation

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Too much Washi tape? No problem!

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No need to hide those markers and highlighters:


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If you’re looking for a more inexpensive pegboard solution for your home, check out our article on the Kmart Pegboard

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  • KElly Kneaper
    January 27, 2020

    Love the pictures of what you have done with the pegboard. Questions: I do not have a IKEA in my state or close to it ( Alaska ) Where can you order the pegboards besides Amazon who is charging a fortune?Lastly, have did you attache the mint green tin organizers to the pegboard, assuming thee are not Skadis products.


    • Amanda Smith
      July 1, 2020

      Hi Kelly,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The mint green tin is hanging up by a SKADIS hook attachment. You can buy these in packs and they can hang just about anything from them. You can use these hooks to hang non-Ikea accessories.
      Hmm, I’m not quite sure where you’ll be able to find these in your area, if not from Amazon. Im located in Australia so Its quite easy for us to locate a local Ikea. However, you can try and contact Ikea and they may be able to ship the product to you. Or even a buy/swap/sell Ikea page on FB or other online platform should connect you with other Ikea fans who could send the product to you. Goodluck!