I have had an enormous love of art and crafts, DIY and hand made for as long as I can remember. So it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when I decided to start blogging about my creations, and DIY inspirations.

DIY is a fantastic way to help our planet deal with the constant cycle of ready-made. It’s easy to buy a new piece of furniture or artwork, but this also means its easily replaced.

Upcycling existing furniture and decor, and creating new unique pieces of art for the home (and gifts for family and loved ones), are a great starting point for sustainable living, and you’re less likely to throw them away or replace them quickly.


If I had unlimited time, and unlimited skills, I would be DIY-ing everything around me. Unfortunately, time isn’t on everyone’s side and it does cost money to recreate and or create from scratch, so Glue & Sugar is designed to show you cost-effective, easy, and unique DIY projects that you can incorporate into your everyday life, the same way I have.

I hope you enjoy your DIY adventures as much as we do!